25th May 2020

DreamChasers Cayman. I had given up on dance schools for my two daughters at the time when I experienced racial discrimination and favoritism in dance schools I had them previously enrolled in. When I was asked to allow them to attend a dance workshop one summer by Ms. McField, I was hesitant and a little nervous but she just said “Please, trust me ok.” I did and the rest was history. My eldest didn’t find her rhythm before all of this so she always looked awkward dancing but she had enthusiasm and that was enough for Ms. McField. My youngest had zero desire to do dancing but somehow Ms. McField got her out. Between Ms. McField and Ms. Cassiedy, watching my daughters now perform on a stage brings tears to my eyes because I cant believe that’s my children on stage. The passion, the rhythm, the sass- is what makes me scream loudly for them every time in the audience when they perform. I am their absolute biggest fan! Things that I doubt they can do, Ms. McField has always proved that they are beyond limiting themselves to the basics. This dance school not only performs on stages, but it teaches them discipline, independence, creativity and dedication. I have no doubt that I’ve made the right decision trusting a vision that the DCC chief Ms. McField has

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