Dreamchasers Cayman is a dance company that was established by Melisha Mcfield in June 2017. From humble beginnings, the company has grown tremendously and is now a favorite among artists who want to pursue a dance career. The company provides experienced and quality dance instruction for artists who want to develop their career and are looking for opportunities both locally and internationally.
Dreamchasers Cayman was inspired by the founder’s childhood dream to produce quality choreographic work and her early training and experience that she encountered as she built her career and expertise in dancing. The dancing company is fuelled by a desire to create and learn through collaborations with the very best artists across all art disciplines. The rules at Dreamchasers Cayman are simple: think big, take risks, avoid compromise, explore the unfamiliar, and tell stories through dance in a compelling and relevant manner.

Quality instruction

At Dreamchasers Cayman, we pride ourselves on offering top quality dance instruction in an enjoyable and inspiring environment. Our team helps dancers to attain their desired goals. Our award-winning dance instructors strive to bring out the best in every artist irrespective of their experience in dance. We believe that dance provides people with confidence in themselves, inspiration to be their own personal best and find satisfaction in their achievement.

Invested in community

Dreamchasers Cayman is proud to be an active and highly regarded part of the Cayman community. We take part in local events and festivals in our community. We also strive to support other individual in the community in different ways by taking part in outreach opportunities and keeping the Cayman culture alive.

All-round training

Our goal at Dreamchasers Cayman is to not only provide the finest possible dance training to artists, but to also instill a positive self-image that contributes to a fulfilling and happy adulthood. We achieve this by developing the personalities and minds of our dance enthusiasts through learning mental alertness, responsibility, leadership skills, cooperation, and self-discipline while keeping the whole process fun and engaging. Our students are more than just great artists; they are great people!
At Dreamchasers Cayman, we believe that the real mark of our success is the impact that we have made on the artists who have come through our doors. Our dancers have gone to do incredible things both locally and throughout the world. We provide support to all our dancers and their goals and we strive to create a beautiful positive environment that encourages learning and growth.

Why Choose Us?

1. Versatile

2. Highest level of professional training

3. Balance Mind & Body

4. Cultural

5. Community Oriented

6. Friendly

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