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Our dance classes are primarily carried out in groups. The groups are determined by the competence level and age. Our classes develop students’ ability for technical development and exploration and creative collaboration through rigorous dance work in studio and performances. Students are able to move from one level to the other and this depends largely on age and consistent training. We have five dance classes and they are as follows:

The Little Dreamers Class is the foundation with a basic dance level program for children ages 3-5 years. This class develops important motor skills and fundamental in dance for young dancers. This foundation program equips children with survival skills when on the dance floor. The class length will depend on the ability and skill level of the individual and their dancing goals. This class is usually customized for that age by Dreamchasers Cayman dance professionals. The Little Dreamers Class is a perfect springboard that steers you into more advanced dance training.
At DreamChasers Cayman, we believe that dance is a creative and fun way to keep your child healthy and active all-year round. With Little Dreamers, your child will have a great avenue for self-expression, relaxation, stress relief, and enjoyment.

​The Performers Edge Class is the intermediate level at Dreamchasers Cayman. This Class helps students to develop their maneuverability around the dance floor. In addition, it adds more technique, footwork, and variety to your dancing moves and routine. At this level, dancers are able to demonstrate characteristic and style of their dances. Most students who reach this level will know about 6 to 10 patterns in at least 4 to 6 dances. This program is meant for dancers who want to take their dancing seriously and become experts in the field, even at the tender age of 6-9 years.
The Performers Edge Class is ideal for impatient students because it will get them to the dance floor with a range of dance patterns and steps and it will enhance their ability to follow or lead in the most popular dances of today.

Center Stage Class is one of the most popular standards of training at Dreamchasers Cayman.With this class, a student will have a good and comprehensive social and professional dancing. They will feel at ease while on the dance floor irrespective of the person they are dancing with. They will also have the skills and confidence to dance to any music and in any dancing environment with ease.
Dancers who in this class will always look forward to musical changes because they can dance professionally and proficiently to a range of music. In addition, they have a good knowledge of various dance patterns that they can use. This dance class is one of the best dancing goals that anyone should strive to attain. This is because you will feel comfortable and poised. The dancers who attain the Center Stage class strive to be the best dancers on the floor.

​The JNRS dance Class is the dance standard that features high degree of styling. With more elaborate movements, a JNRS dancer will definitely stand out on any dance floor. In this class, dancing will make you a unique dancer that people will have to stop and watch your moves. Dreamchasers Cayman JNRS seem to effortlessly glide around the dance floor, and they will appear as professional dancers. The dancers are quite polished and showcase great technique when dancing. This is a great class for dancers who want to take their skill to the next level and become professionals in the field.
They can easily follow or lead any dance partner. For such dancers, dancing is now a serious hobby and part of the dancer’s lifestyle and they may take it up as a career. They can also choose to take part in dance competitions and enjoy exhibitions both in the school and in external events.

​The SNRS at Dreamchasers is for the serious dancers who want to pursue dance as a career. This level of dancing is not meant for the social dance floor. It features intricate patterns that can only be used when both dancing partners are proficient and highly trained. The necessities of this class include showmanship, technique, styling, and choreography. SNRS dancers can take over the dance floor and they will look truly extraordinary and professional.
The main focus of the SNRS Company is on building well-rounded dancers, with our SNRS classes enhancing their dance skills both on and off the stage. The dancers are given the opportunity to take their skills to the stage through a variety of events at Dreamchasers Cayman and at external events.
Dreamchasers Cayman offers a wide range of dance classes for every interest,skill level, and age. From children to adults, participants in these classes learn self-discipline, and build coordination and strength. They will also develop confidence and grace as they enjoy the creative and fun expression of movement.We have group and private dance lessons that take dancers from beginner level to the most advanced professional level.

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