16th September 2020

Michael Rhoden has been dancing with Dreamchasers Cayman from the beginning. He’s been dancing from 8 years old and developed a passion for it from then. He is always willing to learn more to be as versatile as possible so that he knows how to do more than one type of dance. He got his inspiration from a local dance group with the name of “Black eagles” who are dancehall dancers. After falling in love with dancing for years he started to learn different styles and techniques, which was added to his knowledge. Michael has given the opportunity to go on an international stage and represent the Cayman Islands in Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica and the USA. After a few years of dancing he developed choreographing skills and was given the opportunity to choreograph a piece of his own which was performed in Jamaica titled “Afussiom Vibes”. Michael loves to listen to music in his free time and do small choreographies on his own. He believed that he would always be dancing forever no matter the age and he would like to inspire other people to dance.

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