15th May 2020

Dance Captain/ Assistant Instructor

Cassiedy Davis Quintero is the dance captain at Dreamchasers Cayman. She has been with the dance company since its inception in June, 2017. She is an industry professional who is eager to share her knowledge with every dancer at Dreamchasers Cayman. Cassiedy’s passion for dance has not only led her to the stage, but also in front of the class as a dance instructor. She has been involved with Dreamchasers Cayman’s team of instructors from 2017. She is proud to be a big part of a company that strives to represent Cayman’s culture in a creative and versatile manner. Cassidy is passionate about seeing her students shine while on stage.

Being a dance enthusiast, Cassiedy has been exposed to a variety of teaching styles that she embraces and even incorporates into her teaching approach. She enjoys most genres of dance and wants to make dancing a creatively rewarding and fun experience for her students. Cassidy believes in being a well-rounded dancer and her classrooms are lively and theatrical as she constantly pushes her dance students to give their all. She believes that with hard work and dedication, dancers can rise to the next level of excellence.

Cassiedy’s goal is to pursue further education in dance and she is sad about leaving her dance family. She is looking forward to sharing her love and passion for dance even when she moves. This new opportunity has further inspired Cassiedy to dive deeper into the dancing community.

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